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Meet The Team


Lorna Shields

Co-Founder / Storyteller

Lorna is a professional storyteller and social entrepreneur. Loads of bairns. Boundless energy. Lorna loves life and revels in nature, people and stories.

Kirsty Thomson



Co-Founder / Storyteller

Wife, mother of three feisty children, history teacher at Broughton High School and professional storyteller. Kirsty loves singing, telling stories and socialising with friends.


Valeria Levi


Valeria is a recent graduate in Theatre Studies. Because of her deep passion for movement and dance, she is enthusiastic about telling stories in a physical and interactive way. For her, being part of 'It's in the bag!' is a great opportunity to develop skills, such as imagination and creativity, in a children-friendly and inclusive environment.


Steve Worsley


Steve is a professional actor with a varied career under his belt. He has appeared in the TV series Outlander. He is also the voice of the Logan MacRae audiobooks by Stuart MacBride. Steve is very excited to be part of 'It's in the bag!' because telling stories is part of who we all are as human beings. It's important to share the magic.


Susan Ralph

Storyteller / Copy Editor

Susan Ralph lives in Edinburgh and is a mum of five children. Susan is a trained primary school teacher and has worked with 'It's in the bag!' for 9 years. She has written and published a children's book - 'Shadrach The Lion' and currently works as a proofreader/copy editor whilst home educating her children.


Linzi Doyle


Linzi is a storyteller and actress. As well as her passion for performing, she has always loved working with children and young people. What Linzi enjoys most is helping to capture young children’s imaginations and taking them on an adventure through story and drama. She is delighted to join the 'It’s in the bag!' team and be a part of creating unforgettable experiences for children and young people. 


Jordan Smith


Jordan is most at home when out exploring in the wilderness! He enjoys nothing more than entertaining while educating, acting like a fool and making people laugh. Jordan's favourite stories are the ones with big scary monsters, fantastical magic, precious treasure and, most of all, pirates!


Rebecca Sharp


Rebecca is a writer, director, and storyteller based in Edinburgh. Inspired by her studies at The Stella Adler Studio In New York, Rebecca is an advocate of utilising the unique power and pedagogical possibilities of Theatre within education. As a teacher, she brings inventiveness and warmth to every project - and can’t wait to bring the magic of story alive for your little ones!


Ann Harrison

Digital Designer / 

Total Leg End

Ann has been with 'It's in the bag!' from the start, building websites and designing tings left, right and centre. She's a cheeseball in the nicest way.

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