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Our parties and events embrace the following elements: movement, imagination, creativity, music, singing, puppetry and most of all - lots of fun. 


Different sections are included and these can be mixed up and interchanged depending on the party or event. A wonderful story unfolds and the children come on the magical adventure with us. The story is played out through -

'It's in the bag!' time

During this period the children's curiosity and imagination get cajoled. They are given clues and encouraged to guess what's in the bag... different items appear from the bag and songs, little dramas or puppet shows centre around the item that has been pulled from the bag. The suspense of what will come out the bag keeps the children captivated and involved.

Mystery guest

This is a much loved part of an 'It's in the bag!' party when a special guest arrives linked to the theme. Can you imagine the excitement when the Good Fairy arrives at the party and sprinkles her magic dust?

Craft time 

During this period children will have the opportunity to create something that they will be able to take home with them. The item will be related to the theme of the party. Colouring, gluing and moulding are all favourite things for little hands.

Lycra fun

During the 'Lycra fun' many games and songs are centred round a large piece of Lycra which the children enjoy pulling and throwing things on, getting on top of, getting under and much more... it's amazing how much fun one can have with spandex!

All the children are encouraged to join in but never pushed into doing anything they don't want to. There really is something for everyone. Keeping the children's attention and mixing up the games and activities ensures that all children are relaxed, happy and entertained. 

Themes and age advice

All the themes below are suitable for shows all the way up to 7 years old, but we suggest the littlest ones choose from the 0-2 themes. Older siblings, cousins and all family members will also love the ‘It’s in the bag!’ show, especially watching the birthday child enjoy their special day.


For 3-7 year olds

Knights & Princesses

Pirates & Princesses

Pirates & Mermaids 

Alice in Wonderland 

Dinosaur Adventures


Mystery of the Lost Haggis

Suitable for 0-2 year olds

Under the Sea

Down in the Jungle

On the Farm

Teddy Bears Picnic

Transport -  vroom, honk, beep

Nursery Rhyme Favourites

Tartan Tea Party

Little people love 'It's in the bag!' parties and so do their big people.

While the performance is ongoing, we respectfully request that the big people allow the little people to get lost in the story, by being quiet or joining in!

'It's in the bag!' time
Mystery guest
Craft time
Lycra fun
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